SF Rules

  • Register for the Fair - Participants must complete this short online form: PH Science Fair Registration Form
  • Be safe! Get your parent's permission and supervision when working with flame, electricity, chemicals, etc
  • To be eligible for 1st-3rd place consideration, projects must be an "Experiment" (see What Kind of Project May I Do?")
  • Do not harm any animal in your project
  • Do not bring any animals to our fair (take photos)
  • Liquids and smelly, moldy test samples pose a hazard to your classmates. We discourage you from bringing these to our fair. They will not be permitted at the Regional Fair. Bring photos instead.
  • Projects should be completed by a single student or by two students from the same grade level.
  • Do not do the same project you did in an earlier grade!
  • All projects are expected to consist of a display board, a research report, and an oral presentation to the judge. K-2 students need not do a research report.
  • Judges' decisions are final. The only judging errors that will be corrected will be those involving addition errors when totaling points.
  • Inform the fair coordinator in advance if your project requires something unusual (electrical outlet, extension cord, nuclear reactor)