Dress Code

At the discretion of the school administrator, the student's appearance must not interrupt the orderly process of education in the school at any time. Please keep in mind that children have a tendency to behave according to the way they are dressed. When a student comes to school dressed in clothing usually associated with play, it is reflected in the student's attitudes and general mood, and is carried over into the classroom performance. School dress should be governed by common sense and the weather.

Students may wear comfortable clothing during warmer weather, which includes appropriate shorts and T-shirts. We ask that all clothing be clean, with no holes, and not so short, so tight, or so brief that it is distracting or in bad taste (e.g., older students should not wear halter-tops or tank tops). The following items are not considered proper dress for school: hats, skull hoodies, midriff shirts, sleepwear, items which advertise alcohol, tobacco or drugs,items which depict scenes or symbols associated with violence, and items that expose or show undergarments. Sleepwear and hats may be worn in the building only on specially designed days or for reasons approved by the building administration.

Cold Weather Dress

As the days get cooler, be sure your student comes prepared for outdoor recess. Recess is a favorite time of day for many children! Students will go outside for recess as long as the temperature,including wind-chill, is at least 10 degrees. At Perry Hill we encourage all students to wear snow boots and snow pants to play in the snow. However, for grades K-2 boots and snow pants are a requirement for playing in the snow.

NACS Natatorium Dress Code

While participating in school-day activities taking place at the NACS Natatorium, students are required to wear the following attire: for females, an appropriate one-piece swimming suit; for males, a swimming suit with an interior liner. Students must follow their regular school rules and policies in addition to those of the NACS Natatorium.