Withdrawing/Transferring Out of Perry Hill

Withdrawing Your Child from Perry Hill School

Students withdrawing or transferring from school shall initiate the process in the main office of the school enrolled. A student may be withdrawn from school only by a parent or the legal guardian. The records and attendance secretary will process all withdrawal paperwork.

Parents of students withdrawing or transferring from Perry Hill should notify the main office two weeks prior to the student’s last day.  The school must receive a completed Withdrawal Form to withdraw or transfer a student. A copy of the withdrawal form will be provided to the parent and a copy will be placed in the student’s permanent record.
A refund will be given on book rental only, and will be made according to a policy as follows:
  • ¾ refund during the first quarter
  • ½ refund during the second quarter
  • ¼ refund during the third quarter
  • None during the fourth quarter
Workbooks are the property of the student; therefore no refund will be given on these consumable items and you may keep these items for your child.

In the event that the student is moving to a school outside of NACS, official copies of student educational records will be forwarded to the receiving school upon request.