Lunch Program

The school cafeteria is maintained for the student's nutritional benefit. Our Cafeteria offers a lunch and breakfast option. Students at Perry Hill Elementary use a Debit card to purchase school lunches.

Carry-in lunches are permitted for lunch. Students may also choose to carry their lunch and purchase milk or other items in the cafeteria.

Please review this link to see the current lunch and breakfast prices. 


Prepayments can be made by filling out a Prepayment deposit slip and sending cash or check to school with your student. Family deposits can be accepted at any school with one check for multiple students.


To make a deposit to your child's lunch account, please visit the NACS Food Services information here. 


Parental notices will be sent home with students when the students account reaches a minimum balance.

Parents can access account balances online at: There is no fee to access account balances and/or history.

Any leftover balances in accounts at the end of the school year will stay in the student's account and will be available for use the next school year, as long as they stay in our school system.


Ala carte items are extra items that we sell. They are not part of the meal and are priced separately from the meal. The older the students are, the more ala carte items there are able to choose from. Students receiving free or reduced priced meals must pay full price for ala carte items.


All schools in the Northwest Allen County School district will participate in the National School Breakfast Program. All students are welcome to have breakfast except those whose parent has filled out the Opt-out Breakfast Slip.