Attendance Policy and Procedures

Attendance Procedures for ELEMENTARY Students
Documented   Undocumented    Other
Medical/Dental Note   Vacation   Truancy (a separate disciplinary issue)
Legal Note   Illness without a medical note   Exempt (outlined by state law)
Administrative Approval   Non verified appointment    
Religious Holiday   Transportation Issues    
 Responses to Undocumented Absences:    
Absence   Response  
8th Undocumented   Letter  
10th Undocumented   Letter & Meeting with Administrator/Counselor  
12th Undocumented   Letter & Review with Administrator/Counselor  
15th Undocumented   Referral to SOCAP*  
16th + Undocumented   Work with SOCAP*  
* SOCAP is the program coordinated by the juvenile court system in partnership with all Allen County School Corporations.