Car-line Procedures

Morning Car Line Arrival Procedures

Please keep in mind that the front of the building is considered to be a drop-off zone for students; therefore, vehicles should not be parked in the lane until students are permitted to enter the building each morning. With the layout of the building and the sheer number of students being dropped off each morning, the flow of traffic must be monitored consistently. Please adhere to the following tips to ensure that procedures for dropping off students in the morning run as smoothly and safely as possible.

  • Do not sit in front of the building with your child in your vehicle as this prevents the flow of traffic. If you choose to wait with your child in your vehicle, please pull directly into the parking lot and re-enter the line of traffic when you're ready to drop your child off and let them enter the building.
  • Pull up past the Perry Hill sign before stopping to let your child out. This will allow multiple cars to drop off at one time.
  • Always have your child exit your vehicle on the sidewalk only. This is the safest way for students to exit and enter the school.
  • Ensure that your child is ready to exit the vehicle upon arrival. Do NOT hold up the line by sitting in your car. The longer you sit, the longer those behind you must wait.
  • If your child is having trouble leaving the car, please pull around to the parking lot and walk them into the building.
  • Do not double park vehicles in the drop-off lane as this creates a dangerous situation for the children who must then cross in front of other cars to enter the building.
  • Do NOT pull around other cars to exit the line.
  • Be on time.
  • Do not block the intersection in the parking lot. Allow room for cars behind you to pull up and enter into the parking lot.
  • Remember that your child's safety is a top priority and the extra time that you may have to wait is definitely worth the safety of our students.

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2-hour Delay Schedule



Afternoon Car Line Dismissal

Some helpful hints that will make pickup run smoothly.

  • Students who will be regularly picked up at dismissal in carpool must receive a carpool number. For student safety, students are issued a new carpool number each school year. Each family will receive 1 tag unless a second is requested.
  • Students will only be released to vehicles showing this School Issued Carpool Number.
  • Make sure your number is visible, so hold it up high. The sooner we see numbers the quicker we can get students loaded. You may want to use a pant hanger to hang the number from your rear view window mirror. This will make it more visible and very easy for us to see.
  • Students gather in the 3rd grade hallway and listen as carpool numbers are called. As a child's number is called he/she waits at the door for the car to arrive in the loading area. It is important that students learn their carpool # to expedite the dismissal process.
  • Students who are car riders at the end of the day will exit door #17 in front of the building.
  • Cars should form a single line next to the sidewalk for the safest loading of students.
  • Parents are to remain in the vehicles and keep the line moving. If you arrive on campus before dismissal, please turn off your vehicle and do not leave your vehicle unattended.
  • As you pull up, the first car should pull up to the main Perry Hill doors, door number 1. This will allow us to load 5-6 cars at a time.
  • Cars should always pull as far forward as possible before stopping for loading.
  • When all cars in the loading zone come to a complete stop, students will be released to be loaded into their appropriate vehicle.
  • While your child is walking to your car please do not move up even though the cars in front have moved.
  • As cars move up please move up as well, unless students are walking to or by your vehicle.
  • Cars without a School Issued Carpool Tag will be asked to pull over and go into the office for appropriate identification verification before a child can be released.
  • Please remember to send a written note to your child's teacher on days that your child rides home with anyone other than you or their usual carpool.
  • If someone new is picking up your child and a note has not been sent in, they will need to come inside and check the child out.
  • Students who are not picked up by the end of carpool are considered late pick-ups and are escorted to the office. Late pick-ups must have a parent come in the school to sign out the student.

Thank you for your cooperation!