Projects Involving Human Subjects

Please read this page carefully and download the linked forms if your project involves human subjects.  

All projects involving HUMAN SUBJECTS must submit special paperwork to the school Science Fair Coordinator BEFORE experimentation begins.

This includes any project in which the young scientist tests friends, family members, or classmates in surveys, physical exertion, or ingestion of substances. While these projects are typically harmless at the elementary level, it may be impossible for your project to be entered into the Regional Fair without the proper PRE-APPROVED paperwork. Since only students in grades 3-5 are eligible to participate in the Regional Fair, younger students (K-2) need not complete the paperwork.

Human Participants Form - Please complete just the 1st 4 lines - Name, Title of Project, Adult Sponsor (parent), and phone/email.  Please submit this form to the Science Fair Coordinator.  He will contact the student and/or parent to confirm that participant safety and privacy is protected.  Please submit BEFORE testing begins!

Human Informed Consent Form - This form must be completed by each person that is tested.  I recommend filling-out one with the basic information, then make copies for each participating human subject.  Again, this should be done BEFORE testing begins

While it can be argued that these forms are gross over-kill at the elementary level, we don't want an outstanding project to be disqualified from the Regional Fair due to the omission of these forms.